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The Earth Caravan is..

...an interfaith Peace Project:
We invite all religions to unify and to recognize the common beauty and purity of each one's message for hope and peace. We wish for all people to no longer perceive religion as divisive, but to share a sense of a lived spirituality, which manifests itself in solidarity and togetherness and which is not used for political means. We invite all religious groups to join the Caravan and together send a strong message for tolerance, peace and spirituality.

... an intercultural Peace Project:
The history of mankind is a common history, cultures that are seemingly different, have inspired each other and have cross fertilized each other and arised from each other. Therefore we want to emphasize the common of humanity, mutual support and solidarity. War should not be a means of conflict resolution more! We invite people of different cultures, skin color, different social groups to join together and advocate for a better future of the world without violence.

... an engagement with war in the past, the present and in ourselves:
Although wars have tortured and oppressed humankind for thousands of years, war is still in the minds of many, a legitimate means to resolve conflicts. The history of every family across generations is also a story of war. The related traumas have been and are passed on to the next generation. In World War II alone, 55 million people were killed. And how many billions have been killed in the history of mankind? Currently, there are about 35 of centers of conflict and wars in the world, and the dying continues. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year directly from war, 50 million people are fleeing war and persecution, millions die of starvation as a result of war. Families are traumatized, especially children who grow up in an atmosphere of violence, denied a safe, secure and nurturing environment. We want to open people's eyes towards these facts and start together to make a difference.

... to send a message of peace:
The Earth caravan will visit towns and cities all over the world, past and present places of war, to spread a message of peace and to motivate other people to stand up for peace in the world and in their own families and communities. Anyone who wishes to send a message of peace and would like to sow together the seeds of hope and sharing is welcome!