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Ryokyu Endo(Monk at Wada Temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism.)

Ryokyu Endo is the head priest of Wada Ji Sangha Temple, (Jodo Buddhism sect) which overlooks all aspects of Tao Sangha in cities all over the world. He is the founder of Tao Sangha, Tao Shiatsu, Ki Shin Do, has written many books available in a multitude of languages, released 6 musical albums, invented a strategic game board, and continues to teach classes in person and give lectures and dharma talks online. He is an activist for peace and travels around the world giving workshops, supporting communities in need, and participating in non-violent demonstrations. Constantly, Ryokyu Sensei is in touch with people across the world, as he looks for and thinks of projects to help those in need. The Earth Caravan theme song "Share" was composed by Master Endo. Please visit his site

Kyoto Caravan Team Leader:

Sanoh Bamba

Hiroshima Caravan Team Leader:

Kensei Itoh

Toronto Caravan Team Leader:

Alex Pereklita

Montreal Caravan Team Leader:

Jeanne Cronin

U.S.A Caravan Team Leader:

Deborah Bachmann

MiddleEast Caravan Team Leader:

Margali Hoche