Earth Caravan 2015(アースキャラバン 2015)

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What is Earth Caravan 2015 ?

In the summer 2015,
we are going to cerebrate a festival for the world peace in the various places,
and share the every wish for the peace globally.
Carrying the " the flame of peace", embers of the atomic bomb, from Hiroshima to Tokyo.
The details of the Peace Cycling

We start from "Hiroshima" where the first nuclear weapon was brought into action, then travel up through Japan, fly into Europe and visit some cities including "Auschwitz" where concentration camp existed, then enter "West bank of Palestina" where the war never ends, and finally finish at "Jelusalem", the holy place of the three great religions of the world.

We plan to interact and communicate with the like-minded people in every places and hold the peace concerts and .Pray for all beings with musical chanting &be mindful to Amida Buddha.

There will also be a Peace Walk with Israelis and Palestinians walking together, and we pray together as the four major religions of the world (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) and proclaim a joint declaration.

are people who flight walking together,
do the followers of different religions pray together, has this any meaning?

Possibly, the other side may not understand it.
Possibly, one side may not like it.
Possibly, the other side may attack.

We think it's an accumulation of each other's slight fear which is the cause of war.

What if we meet in caravan, an each of us finds we love family, we love jokes, we love music and dance, and we don't want conflict or war. We think we can see we are the same, human beings. If we can see that with our own eyes, why do we have a reason for war?

We can show this to the world.
Different nationalities, races, and religions can accept each other and we want to take this opportunity to believe.

The history human war is tens of thousands of years.
Is it a naive thought to get rid of war?
If this was 20 years ago, it may be so.
However, the world has become one, connected by the Internet.
A new thought generation begins as a new movement spreads, suddenly the old sense vanishes overnight.

Hundreds and thousands of years in the future.

People of different nationalities, races and religions respect each other's culture and live peacefully together.

This is what they learn in history class,
"Once upon a time many courageous people stood up, and war no longer existed."

We want war to be like a fairy tale.

Will you become a supporter of the caravan?
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Why Earth Caravan 2015 ?


Everyone has a wish for peace and a heart to pray for the happy future of the earth.

We believe it is so.

What can we do to make this wish come true?

Express each person's wish through words, arts, music and prayers.

Sharing it with each other on a global scale.

This is why we want to travel,
to places with the scars of war,
to places where the fight goes on,
and to places that suffered disasters.

We want to hold a festival of peaceful music and prayers at each of these places.
We want to share each person's wish for peace at each of these places.

So many people pray.
We believe the earth can become peaceful.

Ryokyu Endo
Head Priest of Wadaji Temple, Jodo Sect

Outline of Earth Caravan 2015


July 5th, 2015 Summer

The Caravan starts from Hiroshima, where nuclear weapons were used for the first time and travels through Japan to Tokyo. It then visits European cities such as Auschwitz where a concentration camp was, and enters the Palestine West Bank, where a war is still ongoing, and finishes in Jerusalem—a focal point for three of the biggest religions of the world.

We go to places with the scars of war and places where the conflict is still goining. We share and connect with people of the world who wish for peace and host a peace concert and musical Nembutsu chanting.

This is a Caravan, wishing for peace.