Earth Caravan 2015(アースキャラバン 2015)

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Peace Cycling

A British woman, Susan, and her friends
will carry the "The flame of peace".

The embers of the atom bomb continues to burn!
Carry the "The flame of peace" from Hiroshima to Tokyo!

Did you know that the embers of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima
were carefully preserved in Hoshino-mura, Fukuoka?
A tower of peace" was build in front of the Hoshino-mura government office and the flame is preserved as the "The flame of peace".
70 years later, a British woman, Susan and her friends decided to send the "The flame of peace" from Hiroshima to Tokyo wishing for peace for the world.
Susan and her friends will carry the fire from Hiroshima, to Kyoto, and Tokyo where the Earth Caravan will be held. The flame then travels to Europe and
goes on to the last city in Jerusalem with the wish for peace.
We dedicate prayers with the "peace flame" in Hiroshima, Chi-On-In temple in Kyoto, Zo-Jo-Ji temple and several other places in the world.





広島県尾道市にある「アンデックス株式会社スポーツサイクル事業部」さんが、 スーさんが使用する自転車を提供して下さることになりました! また、チーフ・プロデューサーの高橋要一さんが、「ピースサイクリング」の顧問として、 自転車に関する技術的なアドバイスやサポートをして下さることになりました。詳細はこちら>>

Cycling route and schedule

Total 900km (14days) *the date and the route may be changed because of situation of the weather etc.

At a Sunday of July 5th around Hiroshima Gembaku Dome, a Saturday of July 11th at Chi-On-In Kyoto,
and a Sunday of July 19th at Zo-Jo-Ji Tokyo there will be peace concert, music Nembutsu Samaddi prayer and more events.