Earth Caravan 2015(アースキャラバン 2015)

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We feel full of gratitude that we were also able to participate
Peace Cycling adviser
ANDEX Co., ltd. Chief producer
Yoichi Takahashi

We did not originally have the production line of bicycles,
but I proposed to the president,
and then "making the best of the bicycle," was started.

  Could you tell me about the relationship with bicycle?
Takahashi It was from when I was in junior High.
I'd loved bicycles, of course as a rider I also repaired them.
After a while I was fixing my friend's bikes too.
Beginning five years ago, we started producing bicycles
as an internal venture.
  Were they available to the public?
Takahashi When I was talking to the president,
he asked me "Do you have any ideas?" ,
and though I thought it would not be approved,
I asked anyways "I like bicycles,
I have been riding whole my life.
Is that possible I could make a bicycle? "
  The idea you thought wouldn't be approved was supported.
In terms of the bicycle production, do you have any purpose or goal?
Takahashi One of our corporate philosophies is,
let's make the best of what you do without compromise."
Currently, in the department of painting
we are also working on bullet train
and aircraft painting equipment,
and though I've been asked to be in charge up to such a level,
this bicycle project was started with the idea
to make the best quality bicycles
that we can think of without compromising.
  You started from scratch.
Takahashi Yes.
We didn't have any idea of how so,
we called all of our friends
who were involved with bicycles in any way at first.
It took a full two years until the first bikes were ready for sale
and there were many trials and errors along the way.
  How is the feedback from the users?
Takahashi There are about 120 dealer stores nationwide now,
and we have had no complaints.
There are no parts of our bicycles which we can't explain.
"Why is this part structured this way?"
" Why is this part attached, what's this part for?"
We can explain all such questions.
It is because all those involved in the production
are active cyclists or former professionals.

I felt a mysterious connection when I encounterd Caravan project.
I could have empathy with caravan concept.

  I heard you are a second generation atomic bomb victim...
Takahashi My father is a victim from
when he was a junior high student in Hiroshima,
yes. i am a second generation victim.
But I am doing good,
not feeling like I'm carrying even a piece of "victim". (laugh)
But, I didn't even know
there is a flame from the original bomb.
When I saw the document of Earth Caravan,
and I felt a mysterious connection
then I thought we can supply our bicycles for the event.
What's funny and interesting is
we were making a bicycle that is for someone
who is about 150 cm height.
Sue is just perfect for that, and then we thought why not?
  What do you think Earth Caravan is?
Takahashi When you meet someone new,
you can become friends and like each other.
And, if you find out he is following different religion,
would you no longer be friends
because of this? I think you would stay friends.. When we recognize each other as friends,
we don't hate and bad mout each other,
we continue our relationship through our connection,
liking each other is the best.
  That's very true.
Takahashi When I encountered the Earth Caravan,
I had almost the same feeling,and empathised with it.
  Very happy to hear that.
It's an interesting encountering, Isn't it?
Takahashi I really feel supplying a bicycle is the right choice.
We all know everyone must live in peace,
that's why if we can connect to each other
and spread friendship, it's really fantastic.
  Could you give your message to Earth caravan?
Takahashi I think we must live in peace.
If I can do anything to help make that happen,
I will do everything I can.
We feel full of gratitude that
we were also able to participate.
  Is there any message for Sue?
Takahashi She is very cute !
I hope she enjoys the event.
I think she will meet many people in many places.
I hope she enjoys these meetings.
  Thank you very much for today.

Interviewed by (first name) Goto