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Introduction of the supporters


Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish

Izzeldin Abuelaish is a Palestinian medical doctor.
He was born and raised in the Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip
In 2009, tragedy struck when an Israeli tank shelled his home in Gaza and killed three of his daughters. Rather than retreat into despair, he deepened his resolve to become a beacon of hope for peace and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis.
In 2010, his memoir I Shall Not Hate: a Gaza Doctor's Journey became an instant best seller and has been translated into 16 languages.


高橋 源一郎さん



鶴見 辰吾さん



枝元 なほみさん

神奈川県横浜市生まれ。明治大学文学部英米文学科卒業。1981年劇団転形劇場の研究生になり、役者をしながら東京都中野区の無国籍レストラン「カルマ」で8年働く。劇団解散後、料理研究家として仕事を始める。自由な発想で生み出された、おいしくてつくりやすい料理が人気となり、その後は、「きょうの料理」(NHK)「ひとりでできるもん! どこでもクッキング」(NHK Eテレ)などテレビ番組、雑誌などで活躍。食に携わる立場から農業の問題にも関心が高く、社団法人チームむかごを設立して生産者をサポートする活動も行う。東日本大震災の後は、同法人として被災者を対象にしたプロジェクトも実施。 ホームレスの自立を支援する雑誌「ビッグイシュー日本版」には、隔号自身のレシピを掲載するコーナーがあり、同雑誌の支援組織であるNPO法人ビッグイシュー基金の理事でもある。

Environmental journalist

Aileen Mioko Smith

About 30 years based in Kyoto, she has been proposing of de-nuclear power plant. She was notified Minamata disease in the world with her husband who was photographer Eugene Smith, died in '78 together. Green action representative.
NGO Green Action


Masaaki Aihara

1958 Born in Tokyo. Nihon University School of Law newspaper department graduation. And he left the company after a working eight years in an advertising agency. Facing the Australia alone for shooting tour by motorcycle, to be fascinated of the continent and Nature photo in this land. He kept in his mind to become integrally with continent that's why he always camped at the shooting location, never stayed in hotel. He held a large photo exhibition in Australia in Australia's largest photo gallery Wilderness gallery as the first Japanese photographer ,since then held a photo exhibition in many parts of the world. Now he has the title of Australia Tasmania government Friends of Tasmania (Goodwill Ambassador). In 2008, he participated in a collection of 17 photographers of the world "Adobe Photo Adventure" as a representative of Japan. Asahi Pentax registered professional writer, Nikon professional service member. he received the 2008 Chunichi newspaper Advertising Awards "Experiencing Australia" (at Tourism Australia).


Chris Mosdell

Chris has written for Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman, Boy George, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yellow Magic Orchestra. He has co-written with Michael Jackson, worked with the West African kora master Toumani Diabate, the famed taiko drummer Miyuki Ikeda, collaborated on film scores, operatic works, anime soundtracks (Ghost in the Shell, Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Texhnolyze, Wolf's Rain) and was commissioned to write the election theme song for the Social Democratic Party of Japan. In addition to winning the Gold Prize at the Tokyo Music Festival for his lyrics, Mosdell has been awarded the Yuki Hayashi-Newkirk Poetry Prize and, most recently, the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Boulder, Colorado, Festival of Literature. The innovator of "visic", a development of visual music, his groundbreaking work culminated in the interactive audio-visual album Equasian. In collaboration with the poet Shuntaro Tanikawa, he also wrote The Oracles of Distraction, a set of ideographic cards adjoined to musical functions; composed the musical soundtrack for the gallery installations of Graham Hancock's best-selling book, Fingerprints of the Gods, and was commissioned to write the scenario/script for the verse dance-drama Amaterasu: The Resurrection of Radiance, that was performed at London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Herb researcher

Venetia Stanley-Smith

Venetia was was born in England. She grew up in Jersey, the Channel Islands, Spain and Switzerland. When she was 19 she travelled overland to India in order to discover the true purpose and meaning of what it is to be alive. She met a young enlightend teacher called Prem Rawat, who was then twelve years old. She stayed at his ashram in Hardwar and listened to his discourses and was amazed by his clarity and insight. Through his techniques for finding serenity within, which he calls Knowledge, she began to discover the answers to her questions, lie within herself. In 1971 she decided to travel onto Japan and arrived by boat in Kagoshima from Hongkong. After living in Tokyo and Okayama, she settled down in Kyoto. In 1978 she founded her English school Venetia International, where she is still teaching English and herbal workshops. In 1996 she and her husband Tadashi Kajiyama moved to Ohara a beautiful valley, twenty minutes drive from Kyoto. She also writes with her husband, articles about gardening, herbs, nature and lifestyle for many Japanese publications. She is a mother of four children and two grand-children.
「猫のしっぽ カエルの手 京都 大原 ベニシアの手づくり暮らし」


Arthur Binard

Arthur Binard was born in 1967 in Michigan (USA). He studied English literature at Colgate University, and after graduation, an interest in the ideogram led him to Japan where he writes in both English and Japanese. His first book of poems in Japanese, "Tsuriagetewa," was awarded the Nakahara Chūya Prize in 2001. The following year, the collection was published in English under the title "Catch and Release." Binard won the Japan Picture Book Prize in 2007 for "Home is Here" (Koko ga ie da), his retelling of the story of the Lucky Dragon, a Japanese fishing vessel whose twenty-three crew members were exposed to radiation from a hydrogen bomb test in the South Pacific. Binard's English translations of the popular Family of Fourteen picture-book series are available from Doshinsha Publishers.

Artist 'Parabolic Painting'

Brian Williams

Brian lives in Shiga, Japan. He is an American born in Peru. He came to Japan with just a backpack in 1972 and has lived there since.He devoted himself to the study of the traditional Japanese techniques, as well as that of the newer western printing techniques like lithography or etching. In 2007, created 'Portrait of Lake Biwa' exhibition at Sagawa Museum of Art in Shiga Prefecture, incorporating a strong environmental message along with the artistic content of the exhibition. The same year, invented 'Parabolic Painting'. This consists of paintings on panels configured and curved to express the movement of the eye as it looks at the particular scene depicted. In May 2011, he presented a collection of his parabolic paintings on the balcony of Kiyomizu Temple, an unprecedented event in the long history of this most famous of Japanese temples.


Hitomi Kamanaka

Hitomi graduated from Waseda University. She started media activist action in New York. From 1995 Japan became her base, and she became a director of several programs on NHK. Then she shifted her focus from TV to movie and three of her movies received accolades worldwide. The newest movie was released on March 7th, 2015.

Professor at Kansai University and commentator

Masumi Shiraishi

Masumi graduated with a Masters degree in Engineering and Architecture and building engineer at Kansai University in 1987. After being a chief researcher at Seibu department store and NLI Research Institute, she became a professor in social economic system at Toyo University in April, 2002.

Filmmaker and musician

Kin Taii

Kin Taii was born in China. Since he has come to Japan he has been involved with activities for the synthetic expression of respective worlds of music, image, art, and utilizing unique methods with a versatile imagination. He is a jury member of United For Peace Film. In his activities, he places the highest importance on the sense of sympathy with NATURE, also, on the sense of harmony between in and out of soul. Recently he created, under the theme of ASIA, music and works of imagination. He is involved also in artistic exhibition, and in holding music concerts and other events in Japan and overseas.
He released "HARMONY" in 1996, "WATERLAND" and "HONGKONG" in 1997, "TERRA ILLUMINATA" in 1998, "TIME TRAVEL" and "DRAGON" in 2000, "FLOATING ILLUSION" in 2002, "TOMPA" in 2003, and "TOMPA 2 & TOMPA 3" in 2007.

Jazz pianist

Yasuhiro Komo

Born in Nara in 1953. Mr.Yasuhiro Kono's professional debut was as a member of the band of Eikichi Yazawa in 1974. After he had served as an accompanist with singers such as Masatoshi Nakamura, he played as a jazz pianist with various musicians including Richard Davis (B), Mal Waldron (P). With the Gulf War breaking out in 1991 as a trigger, he started the concerts for the nature conservation and world peace. Mr.KONO has performed various songs regardless of its genre as well as the jazz standard, trying to make people feel the wonderful joy of music beyond generations, with his theme of "simple narrative," "dynamic gameplay," environmental issues and peace.He moved to Kyoto from Tokyo in February 2012 due to radioactivity evacuation in the area, and continues performing with the aim of a nuclear-free world.

Former Japanese TV producer

Yukiko Nakamura

Yukiko was born in Tokyo, Japan and now lives in Toronto, Canada. She was a producer and reporter for a Japanese TV program. She is an interpreter, and also works with Japanese and Canadian media. The documentary film "No more Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki", she directed and produced, was nominated the Colin Low winner and the best Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver film festival (DOXA) in 2007. Then she produced fund raising project and documentary film "Never Forget Never Give up" for East Japan great earthquake disaster relief.
【Web】Never Forget Never Give up

Singer songwriter and vice-repsentative of NPO SADAKO LEGACY

Yuji Sasaki

Yuji is a Kyushu resident and vocalist of rock band "GOD BREATH" . After hearing stories of his aunt Sadako Sasaki from his father and grandfather, he realized it was his mission to share her story and made "INORI". It has been ten years since he started performing at schools where he talks about the importance of human life and the misery of war through music. He has performed at nearly 300 schools.

Director of NPO Think About Education in Rwanda

Marie Louise

Marie Louise was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire) where her father was from. She came to Japan as a local supporter of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in May, 1993. Then she received dressmaking training at Fukushima culture school and went back to her country in 1994. After the civil war broken out in 1994, she escaped to the neighbouring country the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the refugee camp, she met a Japanese doctor of AMDA and she became an interpreter. In December, 1994 she and her family came to Japan with the support of her friends and colleagues from her previous visit. In October, 2000, She created Think About Education in Rwanda and built a school in Kigali City. In August, 2001, it become a NPO and in June, 2010, she became the Director. Now, she speaks about the preciousness of life and importance of education worldwide.
【Web】NPO Think About Education in Rwanda


Daikichi Yoshida

Daikichi studies under Ustad Shujaat Khan. His albums "Saicobaba", "Alaya Vijana" and "Sitaar tah!" have been released worldwide. He performs with many world musicians and plays at various music festivals around the globe.


Bob Uchida

Bob is a songwriter living in Nagano, Japan. Since the age of 15, he has traveled around performing. He is involved with the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant plan and other nuclear radiation exposure problems. He continues to travel and sing about freedom from a nuclear future.

Travel writer

Yuji Shimokawa

Yujii was born in Nagano, Japan in 1954. He is a travel writer and after working for a newspaper publisher, he became a freelancer. He has released travel books about Asia and Okinawa. His book was nominated and won an award at Mizuno Sports Writer in 2006. He has published several books. Southern Pen, the NGO he founded, supports elementary schools in Bangladeshi.
【ブログ】たそがれ色のオデッセイ BY 下川裕治

Movie director

Guy Davidi

Guy was born in Jaffa, Israel in 1978. He is a filmmaker and also teaches cinema. Since the age of 16, he has been a filmmaker, editor, and director. He released his first full-length film "Interruped Streams" in 2010. His movie "5 Broken Cameras" was nominated for several awards at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and won best director award at the Sundance Film Festival.
【Web】「壊された5つのカメラ パレスチナ・ビリンの叫び」

Composer and music producer

Hiroki Okano

Hiroki made his debut with Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream from Germany IC DIGIT in 1990. He has released 17 solo albums worldwide. His music includes Indian flute, world racial musical instruments, and digital sound which creates an original sound. The music is appreciated in world sacred places such as Nepalese temples. He also provides music for movies, TV programs, and commercials. He is involved in citizen's movements, creates solar generated concerts, organizes environmental events and peace festivals.

Translator and the former chief director of Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center

Steven Lloyd Leeper

Steven was born Illinois, United States in 1947. He has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology fromGeorgia University. His life was based in Japan and the US since he was one year old. He is a translator, a peace campaigner, a US representative of Mayor of Peace in 2002. He joined the Hiroshima Peace Foundation Committee in 2003, and became the chief director for the Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center in April, 2007. He is a author of "Hiroshima revolution" and has translated many books.

Author and graphic designer

Jinnichi Kuramae

Jinnichi was born in Kagoshima in 1956. After graduating from Keio University Department of Law Political Science in the early 80s, Jinnichi traveled around Asia and Africa. Then in 1986, he published "go-go India". He was called the founder of backpacking. He established a publishing company in 1995 and has become the chief editor and the publisher of a travel magazine. He has inspired a great number of travel writers.

Yoga instructor

Kano Ito

Kano has used yoga to improve posture for children since 1985. She works with babys to elders and practices "relaxation & recreation technique from a heart". She is a instructor at Kyoto Nishiyama junior college.

Professor of Facility of International studies, Hiroshima City University

Masae Yuasa

Sociology is her specialty. Masae was born in Hiroshima in 1962. She received a doctorate at Sheffield University, U.K. She is a promoter of the campaign "Hiroshima, Kaminoseki link" action against a Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi Nuclear Power Plant plan. In August, 2011, after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident she worked on the "peace declaration campaign of all". She has engaged in the production of a drama about the nuclear plant accident since 2010. The film is shown in North Kyushu and Hiroshima.

Artist and poet

Aki Ooka

Aki graduated from Musashino Art University in Japanese painting. She produces abstract picture and poetry with mineral colors. She designs book and magazine covers. She is collaborating on poetry with other poets and has also published many poems.

Author and producer

Aya Amakawa

Aya was born in Okhotsk, Hokkaido. She worked at a major music promotion company, as a reporter for Asahi newspaper, then she made her debut as a scriptwriter in the radio drama series (Asahi Broadcasting) in 1996. She is a author, a songwriter, a columnist, a children's story poet, and a producer. In 2014, she produced a specialty store of Native American goods called "Hopi" (peaceful people) in Tokyo, Japan. She a speaker of religious beliefs and old historical culture. She is a representative of "office TEN" featuring a wisdom of nature and dignity of life.

The second head director of the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center

Issho Fujita

Issho Fujita was born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1954. After completing his studies at Nada High School in Kobe, he went on to study educational psychology at Tokyo University. From there he started graduate work in developmental psychology and during that time became seriously involved with zazen. At the age of 28 he withdrew from his doctoral course and entered Antaiji, a Zen training monastery. He became a priest the following year. At 33 he left for America and for the next 17 ½ years he provided guidance in zazen at Pioneer Valley Zendo in Western Massachusetts. He returned to Japan in 2005 and is currently based at the Chizanso Retreat in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture where he conducts research and offers instruction in zazen.

Symbiosis revolutionist

Kai Sawyer

Kai is and activist, and a founder of Tokyo Urban permaculture. The project involves compassionate communication (aka Nonviolent Communication), Zen, facilitation workshop, Global Power Shift movement and climate change through empowering youth. Now he is spreading the movement through experimental practice with love and peace.


Shinjin Ishi

Shinjin was born in Osaka in 1966, and graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in French literature. He is a Japanese award winning writer in 2003 and 2012 and has published various books. He now lives in Kyoto.。

Naturopath doctor

Mami Ishii

Miami is from Chiba city, Japan. She is an authorized Naturopath doctor in North America, a music therapist, an aesthetic acupuncturist , a hypnotherapist, and a Reiki master and instructor. She completed her undergraduate degree in Music Therapy and Psychology with honors at the University of Miami and then the postgraduate program in Naturopathic Medicine at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She works as a therapist and counsellor in Japan and North America. She is a co-founder of Integrative Mental Health Centre of Toronto with cultural psychiatry expert, Dr. Ted Lo since 2013. Her holistic approach is based on the integration of modern science, psychology and traditional medicine and she has a strong interest in mind-body-spirit medicine.

The owner of Onomichi "Rei ko do"

Katsuhiko Nobue

Katsuhiko is the main character of the documentary film "Super local hero" which created a new vision of locals points of view after 3.11. He is the owner of the CD shop who loves music, nature, and life and is also a supporter of nuclear refugees of 3.11.

浄土宗 ハワイ総監


開教区の要職を歴任、広く檀信徒から信望を集めている。 ハワイ開教区が開かれて113年目にして初の日本人以外の総監。





辻 信一さん

「スローライフ」「GNH」「キャンドルナイト」などをキーワードに環境=文化運動を進める一方、環境共生型の「スロー・ビジネス」にも取り組んできた。東日本大震災以後は、「ポスト311を創る」キャンペーンを展開。 著書に『スロー・イズ・ビューティフル』(平凡社)、ゆっくりノートブックシリーズ(全8巻、大月書店)、『ナマケモノ教授のぶらぶら人類学』(SOKEIパブリック)など。 最新刊は、『「しないこと」リストのすすめ~人生を豊かにする引き算の発想』(ポプラ社)。2009年より、DVDシリーズ「アジアの英知」現在第4巻まで刊行)を手掛ける。


志葉 玲さん

1975年東京生まれ。大学卒業後、番組制作会社を経て、2002年春から環境(原発問題含む)、平和、人権をテーマにフリーランスジャーナリストとしての活動を開始する。 雑誌・新聞に寄稿し、現地で撮影した写真・映像をテレビ局や通信局に提供する他、コメンテーターとして各メディアで発言、全国各地で講演を行っている。2010年11月より、イラク戦争の検証を求めるネットワーク事務局長。




べてる式当事者研究室 室長

向谷地 宣明さん

1983年北海道 生まれ。北海道浦河町の社会福祉法人「浦河べてるの家」理事で北海道医療大学教授、向谷地生良氏の長男。生まれた頃から、べてるの家の精神障がいを体験した 当事者達と共に育った。国際基督教大学卒業。べてるの商品を扱う株式会社エムシーメディアンの代表取締役。当事者研究のワークショップを各地で主催するほ か、各地域の家族会や当事者会活動を応援している。


高繁 勝彦さん

冒険家:アドヴェンチャー・ランナー、NPO法人"PEACE RUN"代表、サイクリスト(JACC=日本アドベンチャーサイクリストクラブ評議員)、ALTRA JAPANアンバサダー、旅人、詩人・アーティスト、クリエイター、ナチュラリスト…。元高校教師(英語)。大阪生まれで、現在、三重県伊賀市に籍をおきながら大阪天満橋に在住。
【Web】PEACE RUN世界五大陸4万キロランニングの旅」公式サイト


池末 信さん

マサチューセッツ州にあるバークリー音楽大学映画音楽科にて作曲、編曲、指揮法等を学び1991年、卒業後帰国。プロデューサー、ゴスペルディレクター、シンガー、作編曲家、ボイストレーナー。シンガーとしてゴダイゴ、Skoop On Somebodyなどのレコーディングやツアーをサポート。作編曲家として、ゴダイゴ、SOULMATICS、mink等への編曲、楽曲提供。ゴスペルディレクターとして六本木ヒルズ、横浜みなとみらい、元町等でのクリスマスやイクスピアリ・カウントダウンイベントのプロデュース、そして海外では、ニューヨークアポロシアターでのメインゲスト出演や、LAを代表する3大教会での演奏において、その指揮法やクワイアーの幅広いレパートリー、ソリストの高いレベル、アンサンブル力を含めた指導力の高さが、アメリカのゴスペル関係者からも絶大な評価をえている。

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