Earth Caravan 2015(アースキャラバン 2015)

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中東(8/6 広島の日:ベツレヘム、8/9 長崎の日:ネーブシャローム 8/12:エルサレム)

※Dates and events may change.

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Concerts and Nembutsu chanting prayer

Let's connect the world
by music with prayer for peace!

Peace concert, nembustu gospel & prayer for the soul, joint worship of four religions will be performed in the caravan way station. Artists performes at the concert endorse Earth caravan.

Peace Cycling

"The flame of peace" delivering by bicycling
Hiroshima -> Kyoto -> Tokyo

Do you know a actual flame from atomic bomb droped in Hiroshima still inherited in Hoshino village of Fukuoka prefecture?
The peace tower was constructed in front of city hall of Hoshino village and the frame is placed in the tower.
Ms. Susan Eddie and her Friends carries " The flame of peace" and is crossing from Hiroshima -> Tokyo mainly by bicycle.
After that, the flame is deliverd to the destination Jerusalem
We dedicate prayer with "The flame of peace" in Hiroshima,
Chi-On-In temple in Kyoto,Zo-Jo-Ji temple and several places in the world.
Click here for Peace cycling page >>


We do charity sale of Orizuru (folded-paper crane ) of Hiroshima

The profit of the charity will be contributed for Earth caravan and for people hurt in wars.


Several style of therapy by Tao Shiatsu therapy and other body therapist

Tao Shiatsu which has been practiced in 8 different countries in the world
Tao Shaitsu heals your subconscious wounds through your Ki body which Meridian system located.

Furthermore,Tao Shiatsu is a therapy to wish to shift your life more richier more happier and to create bright future for all beings.

Tao Shiatsu students and therapists hold volunteer Shiatsu at the events in suverel places where peace concert and/or Nembutsu chanting prayer during the peace caravan event.

"When you become comfortable,everyone in the world become comfortable too"


We hold a Ki and Heart worshop for everyone to get along each other.

Fun and mysterious Body and mind work that you get a surprise.。This unique workshop is including KI method from Oriental Medicine and psychology.

Eveybody was holding a little sadness somewhere in your heart.
It maybe a sadness that is not to be understood
this sadness still living in your heart

Weren't you feel a responsibility as your fault when your parents were in bad mood? Did it mean in a way you are wishing pther's happiness…? But you forget the feeling like that as you reaching your adulthood,but human beings are existence to carry that kind of heart, Aren't we ?

If you and someone confront each other with the child heart like that open, what happen? You understand you and others are human being who has carried same sadness. And then comfort is born at that space.

This workshop bring a rich sesibility that we used to have back to you.It takes unnecessary boundary between us away. Because judgement and criticism by the social posision,race,nationality,gender,and religion dissapeares.

Join the workshop to discover your rich sensibility that you are not realising you has been hidng.

Peace work

Israeli, and Palastine work with everyone from the world.

To connect Bethlehem to Jerusalem where is the destination of Caravan.
Israeli, also Palestine, together with people from all over the world work about 10 km.
Is anybody who is not wishing peaceful world exsisting anywhere in the world? We, the same human being start to work one step at the time towards the same prayer.
The time to free ourselves from any labels such as race, trive, and religions has come.
This is a reality, not a story in our dream.
Let's change our natural hope to our natural reality.

Choir of people of four religions.

Buddhists, Christians, Judaists, and Muslims pray and sing together.


[ Stop the war and Let's play a game ]
Do you know the Chatranga the war strategy board game?
You don't know? Oh my god !

"The Chatranga the war strategy board game' is a the war strategy board game palyed with 3 kinds of pieces such as the infantry, the tank, and the artillery, and winning by occupying oppornent's head quater.But it's not that simple, you will be disturved by oppornent's strategy, how you thraw dice and some obstacles….It is dramatic as your life. The philothphy of emptiness from mahayana Buddhism"It is possible to shift and unify" is in Chatranga.
For examples, to overcome obstcles and materialise your ideal wish and forward to a success in the future, to be courage to let what you have go, to shift one's negativity to positive aspect by a sense of humour etc etc …….

◎the 4 elements that is polished by playing Chatranga
  • 1.Life success
  • 2.Peaceful child heart
  • 3.communication by "Ki"
  • 4.Intellectual strategy

There is no war when we free our selves and play.talking in subconscious level and when you realise, you just made a friend !

Let's make friends in all over the world playing by Chatranga !
Let's stop the war and play the game.

--There is a smart phone version of Chatranga--
Page for Chatranga iTune version is here.
Chatranga in Google play is here.