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Lynette Margulies

Lynette Margulies is not just a "jazz singer". She incorporates the feels of soul, rhythm & blues, gospel, folk and jazz in her vocalizations. Margulies makes her home in Madison, Wisconsin and since 1979 plays frequently with Jane Reynolds in a duo known as "Two For The Road". She has performed around the world including New York, Chicago, and Vienna, Austria.
Lynette has participated in several conferences, workshops, classes and retreats involving the human healing process. From working and learning about the ancient sacred instruments of the Himalayas, to binaural frequency healing of the brain and consequently the rest of the body, mind and soul, she has constantly sought after ways to help herself, and more importantly others, in their healing journeys. Her presentations through music, drama, teaching or heart sharing have enabled Margulies to offer an obvious interconnectedness between her and others and the rest of the Universe.

Joe Wickham (Guitar) Randal Haririson (Violin) Mike Rafferty (Sound) Coordinated by Deborah Bachmann


It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this valiant and beautiful project. I hope the song, and it's message, travels throughout the world. (Lynette Margulies)