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Martina Janitsch

Martina Janitsch is an accomplished Austrian singer, she is passionate mother of two children and her persistent work in the field of clerical music and liturgy is priceless. Since she was a teenager she has been singing and training in various choirs, diligently coordinating concerts, services and parish projects - being there whenever needed coming first and going last.

Lea Katharina Holzer
Eva Mundprecht
Mirjam Schmitzhofer
(children voices)

Austrian Gospel choir Spirit.us
Karin Rueggeberg

Founded in 2010 by a couple of medical doctors the choir developed quickly into a wonderful group of curious and energetic singers. Although they say about themselves that their singing is more therapeutic than professional they are well known in Austria for their lovely and unconventional approach to pop and gospel music and are asked to perform at many concerts and events. Their wish and intention is to bring together people as music is the language of our heart.

Jordi Rosen (accordion) Kevin Jardine (recording engineer)


It´s the spirit of Jesus Christ that is living in everything. It just feels good to do things worth doing - it´s important for me not to think always what will I receive for this - how much will I gain by that.. All our talents - we have received to share them - that others can enjoy and be happy.(Martina Janitsch)

It was so much fun. We want everybody to be happy, when you hear this song.We wish that everybody can always be together with those people whom we love. (Lea Katharina Holzer, Eva Mundprecht, Mirjam Schmitzhofer)

We are very happy and grateful to be allowed to be part of this song. Like Joseph Haydn (1732- 1809) the composer of the famous music The Creation said, "this language is understood everywhere in the world." - we need to find words and ways of living that let us grow and be happy. This Song and its project Earth Caravan "is understood everywhere in the world". This CD has brought together nations, children, grown-ups, people of different religions, professions and attitudes. Singing this song we feel the seed of hope and peace we wish for. We feel how strongly we are connected and that we all have the strength to change things.
Our wish is that the way of our hearts - music, arts, thinking, moving something, peace and volunteer work, nature, caring for animals count as much in daily life as physical money. We all can change this attitude and be more relaxed and healthier through this.(Austrian Gospel choir Spirit.us)