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Ashok Jain Manthan
(lead vocals)

Ashok Jain "Manthan" is a revolutionary poet, thinker, actor, and social engineer, with a commitment to catalyze the awakening needed to spread humanity & peace on the planet and in his own native country, India. He is the founder of 'Manav Manthan,' churning of human consciousness to higher states of awareness, the ex general secretary of Yogdhara, an organization for writers and poets and Triveni, a theater group. He is affiliated with All India Radio, Udaipur, as an artist & poet.

Samarth Janve, Ashok Jain & Vineet Chobisa (vocals) The music engineer: Samarth Janve
Instrumentalists: Samarth Janve & Vineet Chobisa Song Translator: Ashok Jain Manthan
Produced by : Ashok Jain Manthan Coordinated by : Rita kubiak
A special vote of thanks to :Shri Gauri Shankar Sharma(music composer & vocalist ) for his advice and support in developing
the Hindi version of 'Share'.


I am deeply touched by the Earth Caravan Project initiated by Master Ryokyu Endo, and its effort towards conflict resolution in the Gaza strip, and world peace.
When my good friend, Ms Rita Dixit Kubiak, introduced me to Endo's mission and his theme song for it, 'Share Earth Happiness and Freedom,' with a request to translate it into Hindi, I immediately agreed. The lyrics fascinated me. Share the Earth is a love song that invites human beings to live peaceably on a planet that is borderless when viewed from above. It is a song of healing that resonates with me. I gave my best efforts to translate it, and feel delighted that everyone feels the translation does justice to the original.
All those who came forward to help with the Hindi version of Share the Earth song were equally touched by it and the Earth Caravan mission. I am grateful to many for their help and support over its rendition. Music composer & vocalist Sri Samarth Janve arranged the background music. He, musician and vocalist Sri
Vineet Chaubisa and I are the voices for the song.
It is my sincerest hope that Share the Earth in all its versions becomes landmark in furthering peace within human society and on this exquisite planet.