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Earth Caravan 2016 in Hiroshima

【date】 Aplil 23、Aplil 24
【place】 around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

◆Peace concert

19 artists participated and performed music and other types of performance art over two days.

◆Market & Workshop

47 participants including food stands, artisans selling goods, and booths for overseas aid projects participated in the market. The Tao Shiatsu booth and the board game booth were crowded with many visitors.

◆"Peace Flame" Candle night Live Concert.

A live concert was held in front of the Dome of the Atomic Bomb with the Peace Flame. The rainbow choir and two elementary school students, Kanon Yasuzuka (violin) and Kashima Tatsuto (solo singer), performed “SHARE!” the Earth Caravan interfaith song. Many foreign tourists and others stopped walking and listened to Aminadabu’s live performance as well as the reading of the poem “The Flame of Golden Flower” by Chris Mosdell.