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Earth Caravan 2016 in Tronto( Canada)

【date】 May 31th
【place】 at Nathan Phillips Square

The Earth Caravan shared messages of peace from the mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Onomichi. After an interfaith prayer ceremony for world peace in front of city hall we presented seeds from an original tree that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 to Mr. John Troy, the mayor of Toronto.
The Earth Caravan held concerts, gave charity shiatsu, Aiki Do demonstrations, offered Yoga and stretching exercises based on Oriental medicine, shared Japanese traditional dance and music, gave poetry readings, and had a flea market. These activities allow us to share our wish for world peace with all participants through the experience of harmony, which is a fundamental quality of Japanese culture.

Earth Caravan 2016 in orthern Quebec( Canada)

【date】 Aug 15th ~19th
【place】 native community villages in northern Quebec

From August 13th-21st, 2016, upon invitation, the Earth Caravan travelled to northern Québec, to visit the Innu communities of Mingan and Natasquan.
First Nation’s communities in Québec continue to endure inter-generational trauma as a result of resident schools in the mid-twentieth century. This unaddressed and neglected situation has resulted in a myriad of negative social, emotional and psychological effects, which continue to hamper the positive development of the community as a whole.
On August 15th and 16th in Mingan, Tao Shiatsu therapists accompanying the Earth Caravan gave Tao Shiatsu treatments free of charge to over 60 people, representing 10% of the community. Between August 18-19, 2016, over 60 Tao Shiatsu treatments were given free of charge to members of the Innu community of Natasquan. The community welcomed and housed the Caravan at a private site used for traditional gatherings.