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Earth Caravan 2016 support report


1-1)Daisha rehabilitation center

  • Disable children facility in the Refugee camp
  • $1,000
  • For wheelchairs and hearing aid

1-2)SOS children village

  • Orphanage near by Bethlehem
  • $1,000

1-3)Pilin village

  • Non violent resistance against Israeli miritary force and setllers
  • $800
  • A part of compensation of the loss of properties belong to people of the village such as some cell phones, computers and cars etc
    ※Settlement to the occupied land is against the international law


  • Jesus theater which is supporting children going to school
  • $300


The government of Bangladesh has been supporting settlement of Bengali to Chittagong hill where belongs to minority Buddhist tribes. The repression of Bengalis such as occupation to their land, pape, arson, and murder, very intense. Number of murder victim of Jumma tribe are up to 30000 ( the other information says 10.000) till 1997. And the repression by Bengali is still continuing.

2-1)Medical cost of Jumma tribes children

  • 30.000 yen

2-2)Educational support to Rakhine tribe

  • 100,000 yen

NPO Earth Caravan has continued to support Rakhine tribe for educational purpose time to time since 2006. We had provided about 860,000 yen /year for creating a local office and operate 4 elementary schools and re-build sacred Buddhist park separately from the Earth Caravan 2016 . The Earth Caravan 2016 decided to support 100,000 yen from the profit of the charity event at the earth Caravan headquarter as the equipment cost of our 4 th school which is recently opened.


War victimes of Syrian

  • 100,000 yen
  • Send donation to war vicims of Syrian through the charity org. “Syrian hands”.

a letter of appreciation from “Syrian hands”.

【4】Additional support to Kumamoto earthquaque victims

  • 80.000 yen

80,000 yen from a part of the profit of Earth Caravan Kakogawa, and Hiroshima charity event had sent to Kumamoto city.


  • 86,450 yen