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Earth Caravan 2016 in Nagasaki

【date】 May 6th
【place】 At front of JR Nagasaki station

The Earth Caravan held a peace concert at the train station in Nagasaki. The artists endorsing the Earth Caravan gathered and performed live music and dance. The wish of peace was transferring through those performances and a poetry reading by Chris Mosdell. It was an opportunity to let people know what Earth Caravan is.

Earth Caravan 2016 in Onomich

【date】 April 26th
【place】 At Myosen-ji Temple.

The Earth Caravan held a small event in the city of Onomichi where Andex Inc. offered bicycles for the Cycling for Peace project. The chief priest of Nichiren Shu Myo Sen temple Mr. Jizen Kato kindly offered some properties of the temple. A local candle artist, Shunji Sonoyama, offered his work with a prayer for peace and a memorial service for the victims of the atomic bomb. The garden of temple was beautifully illuminated by the warmly lighted candles. Nikki Matsumoto, Yudai Iwata, Aminadabu, and others performed in the main hall. The second chief priest Chisei Kato took his Shinobue (Japanese flute) and had a jam session with Ryokyu Endo’s electric guitar. As part of the last ceremonial activity, the mayor of Onomichi read “A Message for Peace,” and all the participants and visitors extinguished the flames of the candle art (lit from the Hiroshima Peace Flame), and shared prayers for peace and a memorial for the victims of the war, and the atomic bomb.

Earth Caravan 2016 in Kakogawa

【date】 April 29th
【place】 Okada Honke co. unltd.

The Earth Caravan held an event in the city of Kakogawa, one of the stops of the Cycling for Peace project. One of the Earth Caravan sponsors, Mr. Morihiko Nishijima and Okada Honke (a local sake brewery) offered a warehouse and their local brewed sake. It became a candle night live with tasty local sake. The musical group Aminadabu, led by Ryokyu Endo, the director of the Earth Caravan, and some local bands performed heartwarming songs and Ms. Susan Eddie, the lead peace cyclist performed powerful Karate Enbu (form of Karate).
Afterward, the visitors wrote their wishes for peace on candles and lit them from the Peace Flame and then read a poem about the flame entitled ”The Flame of Golden Flower”. Some people had tears while holding the candle. This was a moment when every person felt how important peace is.